I am a Post-doctoral researcher at CREST-Ecole Polytechnique as part of the Blockchain and Platform Chair. My research focuses on the economics of digitalization, blockchains and cryptocurrencies. My research methodology is mostly theoretical. The use of game theory and mechanism design is the common thread of my ongoing projects. I am also familiar with monetary economics, in particular new monetarism (i.e. Lagos-Wright models).

In my job market paper, entitled “The cryptocurrency mining dilemma”, I study the incentives of cryptocurrency record-keepers (miners) and their implications for trade and optimal design. I am also working on bid dynamics in crowdfunding in co-authorship with my PhD supervisor, Matthew Ellman.

I received my PHD from the doctoral program IDEA-UAB. I am affiliated to AMASES (Association for Mathematics Applied to Social and Economic Sciences) and EARIE (European Association for Research in Industrial Economics). My PhD training included a period working as quantitative analyst for Banco Sabadell.